June 21st

Well it came as no surprise that June 21st reopening has been postponed!

We’re carrying on as normal – or as normal as it gets in the UK now – for the moment, with seats outside & a few seats inside. Looking to get more tables & chairs for outside – especially because the sunny weather is here now.

It’s rumoured that we’ll be open properly in early July – we can only hope.

… Alan xx

Valentine’s Day

To keep your loved one happy we’ve put together a range of gift boxes for you to buy in our online shop.

There’s cocktails, Prosecco and Gin (plus chocolates) for the guys to buy for the ladies. And there’s Beer, Rum and Jack Daniels for the ladies to buy for the guys. But, of course, it doesn’t have to be that way around if your lady likes Rum :o)

We’ve also added 2 new cocktails:-

  • Raspberry Bellini – cranberry, raspberry & orange juice, raspberry vodka & Prosecco
  • Strawberry Kiss – strawberry vodka liqueur, dark chocolate liqueur, butterscotch schnapps, double cream

Both of them are amazing & we can’t wait for you to try them :o)

Just click on the Valentine’s Day Gifts in the Shop and youll see all the details.

But don’t forget:

  1. Cutoff point for ordering is Monday February 8th to give us time to put the gifts together
  2. Delivery will be the morning of Sunday February 14th 2021, so we’ll ignore the Delivery Day at Checkout
  3. If you want it delivered another day then please let us know

… Alan xx

Draught Guinness

We now serve Guinness [almost] on draught – we’ve got a “surger” which makes the beer almost identical to draught (see below).

The harp, the gold and the signature of the brewery’s founder underline Guinness’ epic status. This beverage with its inimitable taste and lineage enhances its flavour and aroma through the use of roast barley grain. Black but fluid, its contrasts are heightened. Its darkness is only emphasised by its legendary creamy head – the result of a technique which involves injecting nitrogen while serving the drink under pressure.

To satisfy all knights on their quests around the world (where beer pumps are unavailable), Guinness invented a system in 1988 to enable the beer to be brewed in the can : the floating widget. Thanks to the action of a sphere which is perforated through the centre, when the ring-pull is removed the drink gains its all-important creamy head in the glass.

And for those who offer knights shelter, but lack the equipment to serve the beer under pressure in their establishment, Guinness invented the Surger in 2006. This simple and ingenious apparatus enables a beer to be served that is identical to draught. The emission of a sound wave causes an abundant, attractive head of foam to appear as if by magic.

However it is served, though, a Guinness remains a Guinness, with the same full black body, the same creamy white head and above all the same universally recognisable flavour !

New Opening Times

Here’s our new opening times:

  • Monday: 1pm – 10pm
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: Closed
  • Thursday: 1pm – 10pm
  • Friday: 1pm – 10pm
  • Saturday: 12 noon – 10pm
  • Sunday: 12 noon – 4pm

NOTE: Because of the current COVID-19 restrictions we will be calling “last orders” at 9:15pm. This is to give us sufficient time to serve final drinks and for customers to drink them in time for us to get everyone out & the place closed for 10pm.

Calvors Brewery

We are pleased to announce that as of today we will be selling Calvors Helles Lager. we tried it a few weeks ago and got an amazing response. So we thought we’d set up an agreement with them to secure a regular supply.

We’re very excited to become only their second national outlet.

The guys have kindly sent us samples of their other beers, so it may be that we decide to do some more with them.

Briefly here’s their story…

Struggling to find any unique, genuine lagers locally that he liked, Calvors founder, Alec Williamson identified a significant opportunity in the UK drinks industry for quality English craft lager.


Alec established the brewery in 2008 on his family farm in Coddenham Green, Suffolk. Test brewing began early the same year and by September the first Calvors beer had been perfected – Calvors Premium Pilsner was ready for the market in bottled form. With this, Calvors became one of just three lager breweries in England and their flagship Pilsner would go on to win two SIBA Gold Awards and the SIBA National Keg Silver Award!

You can find out more about the brewery here.

Marble Beers

We recently sorted out an agreement with Manchester brewers, Marble Beers to supply us with Manchester Bitter and American Pilsner.

Briefly here’s their story…

Since 1997, we’ve been brewing forward-thinking and genre-defining beer in Manchester, UK. From the more traditional cask beers first brewed in the back room of the grand Victorian pub in Ancoats that serves as our spiritual home, to the contemporary craft beers currently being produced in our new, state-of-the-art brewery in Salford, we’ve long championed innovative, flavour-forward brewing.

See more here

Torrside Brewing

We recently sorted out an agreement with New Mills brewers, Torrside Brewing to supply us with some of their excellent beers. As they’re a small-batch brewery the offerings will change fairly regularly but we aim to have at least an IPA and a Bitter from them.

Briefly here’s their story…

We’ve been brewing in New Mills since 2015, based at the Marina and opposite the famous Swizzels factory. Our name comes from the other major landmark of the town, the Torrs – a park set in the 70-foot-deep gorge cut by the Rivers Goyt & Sett, that the town stands above and around, where many of the town’s mills used to stand. 

See more here

Saturday July 4th

Well we did it… we opened… it was a bit strange as we were restricted in what we & the customers could & couldn’t do. But we got through it and saw lots & lots of people.

So, a big thanks to all who came to see us.

We’ve learned a few things from the first night, so we’ll be putting them into practise starting Thursday.

For example, we realised that taking orders and serving tables at the same time is too slow and restrictive. So from Thursday you’ll be able to go to the bar – strictly one at a time & socially distancing – to order drinks. If it’s a small order then you can wait and take it to your table. If it’s a bigger order (or if it’s busy) then we’ll ask you to go back to your table and we’ll bring it over when it’s ready.

There are a few more ideas we’ll be doing to help speed things along.

Hope you’ll join us again or for the first time.

… Alan xx


We’re aiming to open on July 4th at 12 noon (until 11pm).

We obviously need to get all the correct safety measures in place as per government guidelines – which we should.

Space will be limited but we’ll be offering table service inside and outside – hopefully it’s a sunny weekend. We’re not taking table bookings at the moment so that we can welcome everyone who’s supported us.

Then we’ll be opening from Thursday July 9th. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday will be our normal opeing days for the moment. We’ll also have food available from Eat Homemade (menu tba).

So next week we’ll be suspending deliveries so that we can get the bar open and food onto the online shop too.

… Alan xx

Father’s Day

Well it’s been an interesting couple of days! The takeaway service has been going so well we ran out of flagons for the draught beer. I managed to source some more on Thursday – for delivery today (Saturday). But the supplier was expecting DPD Local to deliver – they don’t do Saturdays. Which meant I had to go up to the DPD depot at Denton this morning & hope they’d arrived!! Thankfully they were there – so panic over.

But… when I got back to the bar we found we had just enough draught beer to supply the orders for Father’s Day. If we received any more we’d be knackered! One of the great features of being a new bar – we don’t know how much we’re going to sell!!

It’s not easy to find a draught beer supplier on a Saturday. But, shout out to Chris at Torrside Brewing in New Mills for coming back to us so quickly. We now have 3 extra ales for home delivery (or pickup) on our online shop. Only had the chance to try the IPA properly – it’s very good – citrus flavours. The Amber and Bitter taste good but only had a sip of them – I’ll have a proper taste during the week.

Anyway, we’re all stocked up & raring to go for Father’s Day delivery – we don’t normally deliver on Sundays but we’ve made an exception for all you lovely sons & daughters who are buying for their Dads.

… Alan xx