Draught Guinness

We now serve Guinness [almost] on draught – we’ve got a “surger” which makes the beer almost identical to draught (see below).

The harp, the gold and the signature of the brewery’s founder underline Guinness’ epic status. This beverage with its inimitable taste and lineage enhances its flavour and aroma through the use of roast barley grain. Black but fluid, its contrasts are heightened. Its darkness is only emphasised by its legendary creamy head – the result of a technique which involves injecting nitrogen while serving the drink under pressure.

To satisfy all knights on their quests around the world (where beer pumps are unavailable), Guinness invented a system in 1988 to enable the beer to be brewed in the can : the floating widget. Thanks to the action of a sphere which is perforated through the centre, when the ring-pull is removed the drink gains its all-important creamy head in the glass.

And for those who offer knights shelter, but lack the equipment to serve the beer under pressure in their establishment, Guinness invented the Surger in 2006. This simple and ingenious apparatus enables a beer to be served that is identical to draught. The emission of a sound wave causes an abundant, attractive head of foam to appear as if by magic.

However it is served, though, a Guinness remains a Guinness, with the same full black body, the same creamy white head and above all the same universally recognisable flavour !

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