An exciting new bar located on Market Street in the heart of Marple.

Fine wines, cocktails, draught and bottled beers, in a relaxed environment.

Please contact us on happy@aggiesbar.co.uk.

… Mandy, Paul, Alan & Fenghua…


Prior to becoming Aggie’s Bar the building was known as The Marple Exchange. When the bar was opened the original owner was Percival Sedgewick. His middle name was Agnew, so everyone knew him as “Aggie”.

You can read all about The Marple Exchange, Aggie’s Bar and all the characters who used to frequent the place when you come to the bar. We have some stories on the walls but you can also buy a “History of The Marple Exchange” at the bar – all proceeds to a local charity (yet to be decided).


We believe that the nightlife in Marple is expanding fast so we want to be part of that. We’re going to be open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Mandy & Paul have lived in Marple for many years – in fact Paul is a lifelong resident. Mandy works in the All Things Nice bakery and Paul is a freelance wood technologist/carpenter with AstraZeneca in Macclesfield.

Fenghua & Alan are relatively new to Marple – Alan has lived here about 15 years. They met in China when Alan was on holiday there. They’ve been married for 5 years and now split their life between Marple and Lunjiao (Guangdong). Fenghua is a lady of leisure (women retire early in China) and Alan is a freelance IT/BI consultant.

… and not forgetting Jade our resident mixologist who keeps us all on the right path!