Facebook Page Now Active

Our Facebook page is now active… @aggiesmarple… search for Aggie’s Bar… please go & Like it  ;o)

An exciting new bar located at All Things Nice in Marple.

Fine wines and continental beers in a relaxed environment with table service and large bar area.



We’re busy putting together a brief questionnaire that we’ll be asking everyone to fill in on our Opening Night.

It’s not compulsory but we hope everyone will take the opportunity to steer us in the right direction.

It will help us get our thoughts together on what everyone wants in a new bar in Marple. With your feedback we’ll be able to define what Aggie’s will be and what we do in the future.

We want this bar to be somewhere that you all enjoy being and want to come back to.

Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple

In 1902, when Agatha Christie was twelve, her sister Margaret married James Watts and they lived at Abney Hall, Cheadle. Christie, encouraged by Watts to write, was a frequent visitor to Abney Hall from a young age into adulthood. The area around the hall and Cheadle inspired many settings within her books. Due to living in Devon, Christie often used the railway to travel up to what was then Cheshire, by connecting from the Midland Main Line from London St Pancras onto the Hope Valley Line, and passing through Marple. It is theorised that at some point, a train was delayed there for long enough for the station sign to stick in her mind, to resurface in 1932 at the publication of the first novel featuring the detective Jane Marple.