New Draught Beers

Torrside have come up with 2 new beers so we thought we’d try them out.

They’re both available for you to buy in our shop. So get your flagons ready… go ;o)

… Alan xx

Torrside Brewing

We recently sorted out an agreement with New Mills brewers, Torrside Brewing to supply us with some of their excellent beers. As they’re a small-batch brewery the offerings will change fairly regularly but we aim to have at least an IPA and a Bitter from them.

Briefly here’s their story…

We’ve been brewing in New Mills since 2015, based at the Marina and opposite the famous Swizzels factory. Our name comes from the other major landmark of the town, the Torrs – a park set in the 70-foot-deep gorge cut by the Rivers Goyt & Sett, that the town stands above and around, where many of the town’s mills used to stand. 

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